Sunday, February 20, 2005

Gay Imposter in the White House Press

This a pretty crazy one. Here is an Op-Ed piece in the New York Times from last Thursday that one of my readers sent my way. Apparently this guy, Jeff Gannon, or really James Guckert, was a welcomed member of the White House Press corps as a conservative reporter for two political websites. The only thing is, the same guy is a contributor to homosexual escort websites, and even had naked pictures of himself posted on the internet. This is pretty weird in my opinion. In case you don't have a subscription to the Times, I'll include a fe paragraphs.

I am very impressed with James Guckert, a k a Jeff Gannon.

How often does an enterprising young man, heralded in press reports as both a reporter and a contributor to such sites as,,, and, get to question the president of the United States?

Who knew that a hotmilitarystud wanting to meetlocalmen could so easily get to be face2face with the commander in chief?

It's hard to believe the White House could hit rock bottom on credibility again, but it has, in a bizarre maelstrom that plays like a dark comedy. How does it credential a man with a double life and a secret past?


Jim said...

Get ready for more on this. He appears to be connected to the outing of Valerie Plame, the CIA agent who is Joe Wilson's wife.

And there may be more to come.

kettyket said...

I wish it were weird, but when it happens at least 6 times in one year, it's not weird - it's extremely alarming for our rights, and yet very genius of Rove & the Republicans to get the Bushies to infiltrate the news media.

I love Maureen Dowd, but Frank Rich also gave a great account of the Bushies staging their own 'Daily Show.'

kettyket said...
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