Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Tour de Lance

Well, Lance Armstrong has been able to maintain and lengthen his lead in the Tour de France over the past two weeks. It’s beginning to seem like an impossibility that he will be caught by his rivals, with the closest being more than 2:41 behind. Today the cyclists finished their 16 stage which reached from Pau to Revel and totaled a 239.5km ride. To the average person this seems like a terribly long and grueling feet, but Armstrong and a few rivals were able to enjoy conversations with each other as well as with a few cameramen. Also, two of Armstrong’s teammates, George Hincapie and Paolo Savoldelli, have won stages individually, and team Discovery has won a team time trial. So far Armstrong has had nothing but good fortune throughout his 7th tour, and he has just 3 days of racing left until his retirement.