Wednesday, April 05, 2006

What's the Deal with Mass?

Here is another example of government interference in the private lives of its citizens. The specific case deals with a bill just passed in Massachusetts (naturally) which requires all of its citizens to have some type of health insurance. This, to me, is really bothersome. It falls under the same category as states which require seat belts to be worn while driving motor vehicles. Everyone would probably agree that seatbelts are safe, and that health insurance is good, but for these things to be mandated upon the general public, really makes me mad. If I don't want insurance, why force me?

Dwight Gooden to Prison

Gooden, the youngest pitcher to win the Cy Young award (at age 20) has to go to jail for a year and a day because of his relapsing cocaine addiction. Too bad when successful people go to pot (or coke as the case may be)

Monday, April 03, 2006


Do days seem to go by faster when we get older because as we live longer, each day is smaller relative to the total amount of days we have lived? That is, at 3 years old, each day is roughly 1/1,100 of the total days lived, while for a 30 year old, each day is roughly 1/11,000 of his total days. So, it would seem only natural that as days become a smaller percentage of one's life, the time will seem much smaller, and therefore pass by quicker.