Saturday, September 10, 2005

Chris' Guest Post

One of the most structurally unsound dining establishments in the state of Tennessee rests at the intersection of Highway 41-A and University Ave. Blue with brown trim and a slight (34 degree) lean to the right, Shenanigans restaurant serves an extensive selection of grilled goodies, from the "Skinny Bob's Meat Melt" to the classic fried mushrooms. Sober or intoxicated, the gastronomic options of Shenanigans calm the stomach with egrigous servings of grease. Other items to be considered for consumption include the reasonable, inexpensive pitchers of beer. A pitcher of Miller Lite or Budweiser will run you $5.74, while microbrews and imports such as Blue Moon cost $7.55, which still beats the heck out of bar prices for a beer. The front porch, which faces the highway, provides a great view for those who don't mind the stiff wrought iron furniture, but that's where the memories are made (wow, that sounded gay). One time last spring, after the English oral comps, a number of us parked ourselves on the front porch to consume a few celebratory pitchers, when out of nowhere, the sky unleashed a blanket of hail on the area. While the sky was still coral pink and vanilla during the hail, this unforseen weather pattern surprised us, and made us realize just how unique Sewanee is, not only in its biospherical oddities but in its opportunities for fellowship, inebriation, and admiration for the natural and simple parts of life.