Friday, November 11, 2005

Woman Robs Banks While on Her Cell Phone

This is the headline that I had the pleasure of seeing this lovely Friday morning. I suppose this post somehow follows upon my previous rant about cell-phone use; however, I don't even know what to make of this. I can't tell if this woman is incredibly arrogant, incredibly stupid, a little of both, or what. Of course this makes me mad, but I am still trying to comprehend this behavior. In fact, my unhappiness is probably derived from me not being able to understand this woman and her actions. Anyway, I am going to go eat breakfast and ruminate over this some more.

Happy Friday


Bark Like A Dog said...

Haha! You said ruminate!

Chris Purdy said...

If you're going to committ a crime, at least have the courtesy to throw on a ski mask, use both hands on the gun, and say "stick em up" to the person you're robbing. "Can you hear me now?" is not scary or convincing enough, and if someone were to rob me saying that, I would jump over the counter and kick their ass for not giving me or my money the respect they deserve. I mean, getting robbed is pretty tough on you. You should at least get a solid scare out of the experience so you can tell your friends how tough the robber was. You'd look like a real wuss if you got robbed by somebody who had one hand occupied and wasn't fully paying attention.