Monday, June 12, 2006

Drudge Headline

The headline on the Drudge Report right now is this: Clinton Links Republican Policies to More Hurricanes. That assertion is exactly why liberals have a bad name. Hurricanes are now Republican's fault? Can somebody please explain me the rationale behind that? At least I understand how someone can blame Republicans for poor people, uneducated people, lack of economic equality, etc...however, how can people start criticizing Republicans for events of nature? I doubt I will ever understand.


Anonymous said...

I suspect it is a poorly written headline. I dont know which Clinton they are talking about but if it is Bill then he is a pretty smart guy. He is probably pointing out how republicans, due to budget cuts to help cut taxes, severely cut funding to projects such as rebuilding wetlands in New Orleans. Had these projects been done, New Orleans would have still have expereinced tremendous flood damage but it would have been a little better. Rebuilding wetlands isn't just hippie environmentalist bullshit. CLinton is probably just pointing out how this will happen again if the government doesn't start taking things like wetland reclaimation more seriously.
If the report was written about Hillary then I dont know. Shes dumb enough to beleive Republicans cause hurricanes.

Anonymous said...

That's possible. But it seems more likely to me that Clinton meant that Republican environmental policies have contributed to global warming, which many contend is at least partially responsible for the recent upsurge of hurricane activity. (Of course, not being a climatologist, an ocean scientist, or an expert in some related field I am unable to verify whether or not global warming is a cause of more hurricanes.

Anonymous said...

You shouldn't always jump to conclusions.