Friday, November 10, 2006

Starbucks Caffeine Inhaler

This delivers a grande sized burst of caffine with each blast while making your breath minty fresh.

Fortunately, I doubt this is real. However, for all you Starbucks lovers, you can read, here, about how Starbucks is going to devour your pocketbook, one $4.99 latte at a time.

Here is an excerpt:
What's more, Starbucks already has a reputation for having the most expensive coffee in the marketplace. When I left Moneybox's New York headquarters to conduct research at the closest Starbucks (a block away), I passed a half-dozen other coffee vendors. There's the guy with the cart who sells the little Greek diner cups for 50 cents; the deli with the scalding 75-cent generic joe and the thin paper cup; the convenience store with $1.00 faux gourmet stuff; and Cosi, where a latte costs $3.59. Only after running this gantlet could I enter Starbucks, where a java chip Frappuccino runs $4.75.


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