Saturday, December 16, 2006

Koreans Deal Poorly with Leisure

I came across an article in the WSJ several months ago and thought it was very interesting. The title is "More Play, Less Toil Is a Stressful Shift For Some Koreans." The article focuses on the fact that South Korea has been scaling their traditional work week back to five days, and "even though they are paid the same wages to work fewer hours, many Koreans are still unsettled by the prospect of having more free time." Many people are having difficulty filling up their free time. The problem is such that there are now "leisure counselors" who instruct the Koreans on how to relax for that whole extra day.

If someone gave me an extra day of weekends, I don't think I would have a problem.


Anonymous said...

Doing more work in less time. That means you have more time to do additional work. That's how you get promoted and get raises. This is also why the US is one of the most productive nations in the world. Koreans should be happy. If you are worried about too much time off, take on a second job. Or a mistress.