Tuesday, June 22, 2004

The Mint Julep

The Mint Julep is primarily an experiment in Blogging. As a result, the thoughts, ideas, and opinions on this blog will vary due to my whims. The only real purpose of The Mint Julep is for interesting thoughts and commentary to be expressed, and perhaps to facilitate some sort of interchange of ideas. Discussion and interaction are therefore encouraged, as are any suggestions or tips. I hope that you enjoy the all that the Mint Julep brings to you.


lcm said...

My first experience with blogger is retarded. Im really tired and I just wasted my whole night listening to the bogus lecture about Merrill Lynch, and then i came home to waste 30 more minutes trying to sign into the mint julep. Also im leaving town soon which is nice so i dont have to work all the time and get bruised by my tractors. but hte work is probably good because its the only excercise coley can get. TOmorrow were working with this crazy black guy named Robert, who rolls his own cigarettes and is possibly homeless. But hes funny.