Thursday, January 06, 2005

Firefox by Mozilla

A tip from a good friend led me look into Firefox, an alternative web browser than the standard Microsoft Internet Explorer. She said she had recently downloaded it, and that it was more secure that IE as well as having better security against viruses, hacks, and pop-ups. And of course the best part...its free. That sounded pretty good, so I downloaded it yesterday and have been testing it out. All in all, not a bad product at all. There are several features which I have grown to enjoy, such as the "tabbed browsing." Mark Boslet of the Wall Street Journal writes, "you can save a group of commonly viewed Wb sites and open them at once by clicking one button. This eliminates having to launch and then minimize separate browsers for each web site. You then scroll through the different sites by clicking on tabs at the bottom of the browser, similiar to those of a manila folder." This really is a nice feature - which elminates all the clutter on the windows toolbar. There are several other significant features such as a built-in Google search engine, and a technology called Live Bookmarking. These are all pluses to Firefox. In general, I give the software a B+/A-. It is certainly worth downloading and checking out for a few days.


KLC said...

The tabbed browsing is by far the best aspect of Firefox. It is so nice not to clog up my taskbar! That good friend of yours must be really smart!