Monday, January 24, 2005

More on Smith Point

If that last post whet your appetite for Smith Point, this New York Times article will certainly be of interest. Next time I'm up in D.C. I think it would definitely be fun to stop by. In case you don't have a subscription to the NY Times, I'll include the first three paragraphs.

AFTER the Constitution Ball and the Commander in Chief Ball, after all the official black-tie parties wound down around midnight on Inauguration Day, members of a young Republican crowd scarcely old enough to remember the Reagan years were still looking for excitement. Naturally, they headed to a basement bar in Georgetown that has become an unofficial clubhouse for the Jenna and Barbara Bush generation.

At that bar, Smith Point, these refugees in cummerbunds and gowns shimmied to a D.J. playing the Beastie Boys and slurped vodka shots poured down an ice-sculpture luge. And they entertained rumors that the twins themselves would be stopping by following their official appearances.

The president's 23-year-old daughters have been frequent visitors to Smith Point since moving to Washington after the election, according to several of the bar's regulars, dropping in roughly every two weeks. The bar's owner, Bo Blair, said he has added many of their friends to his guest list. The twins have been known to show up with a posse of up to 30, including old Texas friends, Yale buddies of Barbara's and other children-of-the-prominent like Krystal Shanahan, the daughter of Mike Shanahan, the Denver Broncos coach.