Monday, March 21, 2005


This being March is the time where basketball is the single most important thing going on in most Kentuckian's lives - including mine. After experiencing a few lackadaisical performances, the Wildcats were able to play with heart, emotion, and passion versus Cincinnati. They were also able to rebound better, thanks in large part to the strong play of Randolph Morris. Another freshman, Rajon Rondo was instrumental in leading the Cats to victory. With the same amount of passion and will to win, I feel that a trip to the Final Four is quite possible.


Rebekah said...

From a fellow Wildcat fan to another, I suggest the following article from yesterday's Herald-Leader "Feel lucky if you were born Blue: NO STATE RIVALS KENTUCKY'S HOOPS ANCESTRY" by Mark'll get goose bumps!

CCJM said...

You're absolutely right, Rebekah. I read it and found it to be terrific. Too many times we take our basketball for granted, and this article really makes us all sit back and actually realize how lucky we are. For everyone that hasn't read it, here's a link.