Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Judith Miller, reporter for the New York Times, was sent to jail today for failing to reveal her source, concerning the blown identity of CIA operative Valerie Plame. Because the link is to the Times which is a subscription site, I have included a brief excerpt below.

WASHINGTON, July 6 - A federal judge today ordered Judith Miller of The New York Times to be jailed immediately after she again refused to cooperate with a grand jury investigating the disclosure of the identity of a covert C.I.A. operative.

Another reporter who had been facing jail time on the same matter, Matthew Cooper of Time magazine, agreed today to testify to a grand jury about his confidential source on the same matter, thus avoiding jail. Mr. Cooper said he had decided to do so only because his source specifically released him from promises of confidentiality just before today's hearing.

Good stuff from Drudge on Democrat's "going to war" over Supreme Court.

Oil surged to $61.28 a barrel amid concerns that tropical storms may limit supply.


Jim said...

Regarding "Democrats going to war over Supreme Court nominee...

Press release from Tony Perkin's Family Reasearch Council on the day O'Connor announced her resignation:

"The public is primed for the fight it will take to confirm a nominee. FRC can motivate significant grassroots support for the President’s nominees. We will wage an unprecedented effort for a fair and prompt up or down vote through the mobilization of 20,000 churches across the nation, weekly conference calls in targeted states, the strengthening of the FRC team and activation of grassroots through"

CCJM said...

It surely will be a large, unpleasant conflict, whether it be called a war, fight, or battle. The public is ready for it because they know how divisive the relationship between Republicans and Democrats is today. A good article that discusses the Senate's preparation for the "battle" is found here in this morning's New York Times.