Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Noteworthy News

- In Singapore today the IOC awarded London the 2012 Olympic Games. Moscow, New York, and Madrid were all eliminated in the first round, and London beat Paris in the final round. The reaction is dismay in New York, and shock in Paris.

- Former UK basketball player Chuck Hayes agreed to be interviewed by the Lexington Police following the revival of an unfortunate rape allegation. The Mint Julep's thoughts go out to Chuck Hayes as he deals with this situation.

- 6 time Tour de France Winner Lance Armstrong started the 5th stage of this year's 2005 Tour de France in the lead. However, out of respect for a fellow rider who endured a terrifying wreck, Armstrong decided not to don the leader's traditional yellow jersey.

- As the G8 heads to Scotland this week, protestors, activists, anti-capitalists, anarchists and environmentalists have all converged in an attempt to express their own dissatisfactions with the world's problems.