Friday, March 31, 2006

Duke Lacrosse

As most of you probably know the Duke lacrosse team has suspended play for the rest of its season following allegations that a dancer at a team party was beaten, choked, and raped.

I have had several conversations regarding this situation at Duke and have encountered a few different opinions. At least two people (ironically women) have remarked that the lesson of this is not to become a professional dancer. They argue that these women unnecessarily put themselves in danger by engaging in a less than safe profession where they tempt testosterone filled groups of excited males. In their opinion, a result like what happened at Duke is not surprising and perhaps even expected. The women got what they were asking for, so to speak.

I see the point, to a degree, but tend not to agree. I assert that the culpability lies squarely on the shoulders of the offending males. The relationship between dancer and client is clearly understood, and there are certain boundaries (such as physical contact) which are in place to protect the woman. Consequently, when a man, or group of men as the case may be, breeches the contract, no matter how tempted and excited, they are clearly the guilty party.

In any case, hopefully this sad drama in Durham can be wrapped up quickly, and without further racial strife, so that the school can get back to its normal pattern of educating bright students.