Friday, March 10, 2006

From the WSJ...

"The Simpsons" has introduced viewers young and old to political corruption, religious controversy and same-sex marriage debates. But it's safe to say that the Bill of Rights has had a greater impact on our history, if only because of its two-century head start. So it was troubling to learn last week of a survey that found 22% of Americans could name all five members of the Simpsons family, but just 0.1% were able to name all five freedoms granted under the First Amendment.

I'll be honest, I can name all the Simpsons and only could remember four of the five Amendments. If this were Sports Illustrated instead of the Wall Street Journal, the above stat would be placed under Signs of The Apocalypse.


Rich Uncle Pennybags said...

Didn't Matt Groening write the Bill of Rights?

Anonymous said...

The Simpsons taught me that Checkers was the name of Nixon's dog.
Plus, what exhibits the first amendment more then fouled mouth cartoon characters dealing with political issues like gay rights and religion? If George Bush and Hilary Clinton both hate it its gotta be good!