Saturday, January 27, 2007

This afternoon I went to Quiznos for lunch with a friend of mine. As we were about to eat our sandwiches, my friend realized that the lady only put two meatballs on his meatball sub. So he brought the sandwich back to the counter, and had them make another with an adequate amount of meatballs. The lady at the counter did, and told him just to throw the first sandwich away.

So, my question, is whether it would be wrong not to throw away the first sandwich, but instead to eat it, and then eat the second one as well - of course having only paid for one meatball sub.

What would be wrong with eating both sandwiches instead of throwing the first one away? Whatever happens to the first sandwich has no impact on Quiznos. They have to make an additional sandwich at zero cost, regardless of whether the first sandwich is eaten or throw away.

It would be wrong had my friend falsely complained about his sandwich, so that he could get a second one, and eat both. However, his complaint was genuine. As a result, I don't see a problem with the first sandwich being eaten as opposed to being trashed.

As for what my friend did - He ate half of it and threw half away.