Monday, June 25, 2007

iPhone Mania

With the iPhone coming out on Friday, there is much anticipation and excitement among many technophiles, anxiously awaiting the moment when they can get their hands on this new device.

Here is a very informative, 20 minute guided tour of the iPhone.

Everyone I have talked to seems either to think it will be an enormous success, or an enormous flop. Personally, I think the iPhone is going to be a revolutionary device. The price tag is the most difficult hurdle for sales. However, the high price becomes somewhat of a deal, when you realize that the combined cost of purchasing a smart phone and an iPod, is greater than the listed $499 price of a 4GB iPhone. Regardless of the success of the iPhone itself, it will nonetheless spur more research and development from competitors who will be trying to steal some of the market share. Its my own belief that Friday marks the end of the cell phone as we have know it. We are now entering the era of the all-purpose personal device, which will play music, make phone calls, take pictures, send e-mail, watch movies, and even more.

- A very amusing, multi-city live blog of the madness very amusing
- Streaming live video from the line outside the Apple store in San Francisco.
- The Ultimate iPhone Campout Guide

Some pics: