Friday, June 01, 2007

Microsoft Surface

Several days ago Microsoft unveiled its newest product - the Microsoft Surface. If goes as planned, this new product will revolutionize the way that humans interact with computers. For a brief explanation of the Surface, one article writes:

The Microsoft Surface - a 30-inch display embedded in a gloss-covered table - will eventually replace the mouse and keyboard, and opens the prospect of a computer in every surface of the home, the company claims.

Consumers will have to wait a few years before getting their hands on the technology themselves, but the first versions of the computer have already been sold to corporate clients including mobile phone companies and restaurants.

When customers at a restaurant put down their glasses, a computer in their table will be able to tailor food recommendations to the choice of drinks, and display pictures linking wines or beers with the vineyards and breweries that produced them.

Here is a nice demostration on YouTube:


Brandon Watts said...

Microsoft's Surface is definitely a compelling product, and the restaurant concept that was mentioned in your post just goes to show that recommendations are truly becoming a lot more personal and interactive.

Brandon Watts
Criteo Evangelist