Monday, December 03, 2007


My friends at have a very nice post sharing their thoughts on the final BCS bowl outcomes. Below is an excerpt, in which they support the final pick of OSU-LSU.

LSU and OSU have their black eyes, but consider what they’ve done, too. LSU wasn’t losing after regulation in a single game this year. Yes, we know they lost in overtime, but in terms of deciding how good the Tigers actually are, that’s important. College football could still have the rule that games tied after regulation are counted as ties; in which case, no one would argue against LSU. They’ve got the two best losses — by far — of any two loss team. They also have the toughest schedule of any two loss team. They won the toughest conference in the country. I’m not much of an LSU fan, and I think they’ve been over hyped by the media — but they’re the most accomplished of the two loss teams. Ohio State and Kansas are the only one loss teams, and I don’t think anyone is arguing for Kansas these days. The Buckeyes are not a controversial selection except by Big 10 haters, but consider: Ohio State didn’t lose to the Stanford of its conference (USC), or a .500 team (Oklahoma, Georgia), or get blown out by anyone (Virginia Tech). A two-loss Buckeyes squad wouldn’t deserve to make the title game, but OSU did not have a bad loss like everyone else in college football. Except the Tigers.