Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Economic Illiteracy

Click here for a horrendous article detailing a professor's indoctrination of the minds of her impressionable students. It doesn't get too much worse than this.

This article, I believe, is a very important read. It discusses a professor at UNC who is indoctrinating the young mind's of her students with extremely liberal thought. I cannot tell you how furious this makes me. This woman espouses beliefs which I find incredulous. My personal philosophies are the polar opposite of hers, and to read what she is doing is extremely upsetting.

Apart from the fact that she is promoting ideas which I disagree with, I have a more fundamental problem with her actions. A teacher is in a particularly powerful position, in that, to a large extent, a teacher has the ability to shape a student's beliefs on whatever the subject it is that is being taught. Students look up to teachers and respect their opinions. From my limited knowledge of the situation, gained solely from reading this article, it appears that this woman is clearly abusing her special power. Abuse like this makes me absolutely sick and I can assure you, I would never send my child to North Carolina, if they can defend such teaching methods.


Anonymous said...

The liberalization of academia is out of control. People can tell me all day about how great Harvard etc are (my mom's husband has some nice insight into this as he attended Harvard) but you couldn't pay me enough to attend a school where a bunch of arrogant, liberal New-Englander's tell me how redneck and unaccepting I am.