Thursday, April 21, 2005

Quarterlife Crisis Hits Many in Late 20s

This is the title of an article a good friend of mine wrote for ABC News. The article takes on a topic that I first remember reading about in Time Magazine several months ago - that of the Twixter. These are twenty-something year olds who find themselves unhappy in their chosen profession, as the reality that "the real world" is not really as glamorous as it is made out to be. Not being out of college yet, I cannot really relate. However, I do realize that I am living the fun days right now. After graduation, it is time to get serious - and quite possibly on a job that is not especially fun. Chances are, I will not look forward to my job, and will not be thrilled to stroll into work each morning. Otherwise work would not be called work, but rather fun time. I will work so I can earn money, and that's about as simple as it gets. Chances are, in my mid to late twenties I will harbor some very unpleasant emotions about my work, but then I will simply remind myself that work is a necessary part of our life - and then I will (in the words of Happy Gilmore) get back to work. So, these are my feelings on a Twixter, or Quarterlife Crisis, or just not enjoying one's work.


Edmund Lord said...

I agree with Coley. After I read this article I felt as if the bar had been lowered significantly for my generation. As Coley mentioned this article discusses people bouncing from job to job, finshing college in 6+ years, and living with their parents and says at the beginning "...and their not lazy." The fact that a publication which considers itself legitmate goes to such painstaking efforts to come up with a word that dodges the slothfullness of these social leaches is appalling.