Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Today is Fat Tuesday (Mardi Gras), meaning tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, and as a result, the time of year when people give things up for Lent. We're gonna play a little game where people tell me either what you're giving up, or give me a suggestion of what I should give up for the Lent.

Have a happy Mardi Gras, everyone.

EDIT - The things I am considering giving up include desserts, soft drinks, hard liquor, potatoes, and excessive foul language.


Rich Uncle Pennybags said...

How about giving up church and guilt?

Anonymous said...

I'm giving up hard liquor, though not wine or beer, which perhaps defeats the purpose. But forty days without bourbon nights certainly can't hurt my soul or my health.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing that you gave up blog posts for lent.

Anonymous said...

yeah why don'tyou post something about the water they found on saturn

CCJM said...

I've been ridiculously busy the last week or two, and will be for awhile. Perhaps some of you all can guest post some interesting / controversial stuff on my blog if you want - too make up for my lulls.

By the way...apparently there is sign of water on one Saturn's moons. I guess this is interesting. Until the guys at NASA find little men running around on some planet, I am not going to be too interested in what's going on on other planets. Earth has enough of its own insanity.

But, if you are interested in reading about water on saturn, here are a couple links for your pleasure: