Friday, February 17, 2006

What would you rather do?


Anonymous said...

Dick Cheney shot someone in the face with a SHOTGUN. I'm going with riding with Ted Kennedy, but I'd rather do both than eat at McClurg with Ted Goodman.

Rich Uncle Pennybags said...

Ever been quail hunting? If you have, you've probably been sprayed w/ shotgun pellets at some point. AND it was not entirely Cheney's fault, the other hunter never announced his presence, as any well mannered hunter should.

Anonymous said...

shot someone in the face with a shotgun.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

9 times out of 10, when you get shot, it isn't your fault.
I'd rather hunt with Dick Cheney then ride with Laura Bush. When she was in her early twenties she too killed an innocent person when she ran through a familiar stop sign and killed a person in a car going the other way instantly. Both her and Ted acted completely recklessly and should've been punished severly but they never were. I hate them both anyway.
As for Dick, maybe he would have more discretion when using a firearm if he had served in Vietnam like every other young person in his generation( As long as we're drudging up stupid shit from the past). While people like Clinton skipped out on the war with moral objections, people like Cheney and Quayle were pro war and found loop holes to not even serve in so much as to join the National gaurd. When asked about it Dick said frankly, "I had other priorities in the '60s than military service." As if all the poor people who did fight in Vietnam had nothing better to do with their lives. He's full of shit and is an insult to everybody who fought in that war. He should be made fun of as much as possible for his reckless accident.

Rich Uncle Pennybags said...

Pronunciation: 'fakt
Function: noun
Etymology: Latin factum, from neuter of factus, past participle of facere

a : something that has actual existence "space exploration is now a fact" b : an actual occurrence "prove the fact of damage"
a piece of information presented as having objective reality
- in fact : in truth

Just to clerify what a fact is, because the previous poster apparently has yet to encounter one. 1st- Senator Kennedy was with a woman who was NOT his wife, late at night, driving down a bridge to an area known for being a "lovers lane." He drove his car off a bridge, managed to save papers, a briefcase, and several other personal articles, but NOT the young woman. Hmmmm. Show me your facts on Laura Bush, I'd love to see them, or maybe I should just look for them on Michael Moore's website.

Dick Cheney draft dodging? Um, well, he was in his 30's during Vietnam. He wasn't draft dodging. His other priorities were a JOB and a FAMILY. He didn't swindle his way out of the draft any more than your granddaddy did.

Clinton skipping out because of moral objections?!?!?!?!?! He was in MOSCOW! SUPPORTING THE ENEMY!!!! That's not a moral objection. That's a big fat slap in the face to all those who served. WORSE than using a parent's influence to get out of serving.

Go listen to your System of a Down records, and make yourself believe that the reason for war is to send all the poor kids to fight. Such bullshit. I know kids richer than you over in IRAQ fighting right now. Because they felt it was their duty. Not any other reason at all.

Furthermore, have you ever been hunting? Nevermind, thats a stupid question, of course a longhaired pretty boy liberal like you would NEVER touch a gun.

Pull your head out of your ass and try again.

Anonymous said...

This one is on a republican website.

You should really look stuff up on google. It's located at

So there are your facts. I could show a bunch more sites but i have lready ready proven you totally wrong and I need to comb my long pretty boy hair. And hemp, im gonna make some jewelry out of hemp. Then watch me some cnn and get my liberal media intake for the day.

Your right though, I just can't imagine why a person who works for the Senate Foreign Relation commitee would meet with foreign ministers in The Soviet Union. That is weird.

And if you beleive that rich kids were chompin at the bit to go to Vietnam, youre more ignorant then you sound. You see, back in the sixities, middle class kids and rich kids alike went to college. And the Army (Those guys with green uniforms that shoot guns) had a rule that undergradutes could fininsh their four years. This is called a student defferment. That means to put off or delay. So until the Johnson Administration unexpectedly abolished this rule in the very late sixties, middle class and rich kids didn't really have to go to Vietnam unless they wanted to. Its true that many, many upper class people died. This is because they were helicopter pilots or infantry officers who were killed more frequently then regular soldiers. All of this is on google for you to see but i think Google is considered part of the liberal media (Boy am I glad we control that thing).

Also, Dick Cheney was 30 and above for a whopping three years of the war!! He was born in 1941 and the war started in around 1961. He would have been 27 during the tet offensive, a little old yes, but the army needed well educated officers at the time so he would have had a chance.

And lastly, I have fired a gun and I went duck huting. It was one of the most boring things i have ever done. As tasty as duck is, it wasn't worth it to get up t 3 am to go out to a cold marsh and sit there to shoot a bird.

So go listen to your Toby Keith nd Cher( you sound like a nancy boy) and be thankful for for being able to set you straight on some issues. Thank you and God Bless.

Rich Uncle Pennybags said...

First things first:

"Its true that many, many upper class people died. This is because they were helicopter pilots or infantry officers who were killed more frequently then regular soldiers."

First, you're right that these brave soldiers, marines, and salors were killed more often than enlisted men. HOWEVER: 1st, you cant tell me that all, most, or some of the enlisted men didn't want to be there, despite the draft. ROTC scholorships are also what got many of those officers thier positions as officers. My father being one of these men. If it wasn't for this scholorship, he would probably still be pounding dough in a bakery somewhere.

2nd- Have you ever been in a car wreck? Probably not, cuz being a liberal hemp necklace making hipster, you probably ride your $3000 mountain bike everywhere. Well I have been in a car wreck, and know other kids who have killed people and not served jail time when they were 16 and 17. It's unfortunate, but it's the truth. When driving, like hunting, accidents do happen. So that doesn't bother me. Ted Kennedy bothers me because of his infidelity and the fact he didnt call the police until THE NEXT DAY.

I will put it to you to find out exactly what Cheney was doing during Vietnam, but I would venture to say he was doing something more valuable to society than being a military officer. I am not saying that is not a hugely valuable vocation, but chances are he was working in some capacity that affected far more people than just 1 or 2.

I encourage you to find out exactly what Cheney was doing at the time, you being so good with Google and all.

Lastly, you bitch about being cold and bored, and so far away from your computer with all of your pirated Simpsons episodes when you go duck hunting and you have the audacidy to call me a nancy???? Go lock yourself in your room and use your computer for Simpsons reruns instead of polluting this blog with your liberalism.

Anonymous said...

(Clap clap clap) you proved Ted is a sleazy dirtbag. Congratulations. I beleive you are on on the vangaurd for exposing politicians in their truest light. I mean, i can't think of anybody who has painted him in such an unfair light before. Kudos sir, Kudos. I know that this fact wasn't obvious to me and im sure it wasnt to everybody else who reads this blog. Perhaps you could tell us other things, like Lincoln had a beard and Reagan was old.

Alls i know is i proved you wrong. You need to learn to be more accepting of other peoples opinions especially when you aren't totaly educated on the subject matter. And leave the generalizations off of this blog. Im sure the owner agrees that they are for the uneducated who can't formulate a good argument so they have to make fun of my bike and The Simpsons.

The one thing i will agree with you on is Shit happens. It happens to Democrats, it happens to republicans, it happens on duck trips and it happens while mountain biking.
And i will totally agree that Ted is a douche bag. But hes a Kennedy God Damn it. Famous and wealthy people have a tendency to get off charges on crimes they are obviously guilty of. We can both google that shit!

But leave my bike out of this! Its not liberal douche bag who controls the media, i am.