Friday, February 11, 2005

Bush's Huge Budget Proposal

I know this story is several days old, but it's obviously an ongoing and important issue. On Tuesday Bush sent his budget plan to congress for their approval. The highlights of this propsal are, first, the enormity of the budget. Bush's plan totals 2.7 trillion dollars. However, the proposal also eliminates many government programs, which makes me pretty happy. The less government spending the better. Feel free to tell me what you think.


kwackwacker said...

The article says that Bush "Outside defense, homeland security and the government's huge mandatory programs such as Social Security, Bush proposes cutting spending for the rest of government by 0.5 percent, "
which means that he did not cut Social Security.

However, this moron democratic senator Harry Reid (NV) has decided to say otherwise: "This budget is part of the Republican plan to cut Social Security benefits while handing out lavish tax breaks for multimillionaires." Unbelievable. They will say anything.

I hate em, they stank.

Anonymous said...

Eliminating government pojects should not always make you happy. "In the new list, Bush asked lawmakers to eliminate programs worth $4.3 billion from education, $1 billion from health and $1.5 billion from law enforcement." Education, Health and law enforcement are programs I'll feel strongly in and anybody who doesn't needs to get their head checked. Even the dministartion knows what they are doing is wrong, "The document was released late Friday, a time that administrations of both parties have picked for years to deliver unpopular news, because of Saturday's newspapers and news broadcasts have the week's smallest audiences." President Bush does have good ideas of what to do with the taxpayers' money such as PEll grants for low income college students, but if the past four budgets are any indication of how this one will go, we as Americans are boned. The Republicans are always saying how much they love America, but they don't wanna pay for it. They want bog military but they don't wanna pay taxes for it. Our debt national debt is now at more then 7.5 trillion dollars. Each American owes over $25,000. As this grows over the next four years (and the past four years show that it invariably will) we're screwing over wvry young person in America who will havw to pay this off. And as the Baby Boomers continue to retire as high rates, the biggest tax bracket for America becomes diminished. President Bush was suppose to be fiscally conservtive but he's giving future generations a huge burden. In 20 years everybody will talk about how bad of a President he was.

I despise him, he stinks!

kwackwacker said...

I'd like to respond to a number of things here.

First, I am not happy at the spending cuts that Bush has proposed. I am in favor of some, opposed to a few, and indifferent on many. I never once said I was happy. The only thing that I said was that democrats are lying about what Bush is doing. He didn't cut Social Security, yet liberals are trying to brainwash the American public into thinking that he did: "This budget is part of the Republican plan to cut Social Security benefits while handing out lavish tax breaks for multimillionaires." That is a direct quote from Harry Reid (D-NV).

Secondly, President Bush is fiscally conservative, that is why he is cutting federal spending. You may call him fiscally irresponsible if you disagree with his budget cuts, but the mere fact that he has cut the budget by 0.5 percent demonstrates his fiscal conservatism.

Finally, if federal money is being used inefficiently in various aspects of government (education, health, etc.), as it invariably is (case in point: Massachussets public school system using math classes to teach anti-racist message,2933,146684,00.html), then it is certainly right to not waste our tax money on such ridiculous things. Bush's decision is wise, then, to cut spending until a more efficient and successful system is developed.

Anonymous said...

If your definition of fiscally conservative is digging the country into the largest debt in history then you make me laugh kwackwacker. Conservative people say they love America but they don't wanna pay taxes to pay for it. They say that they are morally upright but out of the top ten states with the highest divorce rate, nine red states in the last election.
Nine of the ten states that get the most federal dollars and pay the least per capita are red states. We're trying to help you out.
And if you wann pick out stupid quotes, there are 52 books wrotten bout all the dumb things Bush says. Gems like...
-"We need to counter the shock wave of the evildoer by having individual rate cuts accelerated and by thinking about tax rebates."
-Border relations between Canada and Mexico have never been better.
-They want the federal government controlling Social Security like it's some kind of federal program.
I personally enjoyed the last one and I'm sure you would too. But i respect your opinion.