Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Marijuana Lobby Grows

Before the post, I want to say that these are some general thoughts which I hastily jotted down. Of course my opinions are not limited to what I wrote, but I just figured I would bring up this topic while it was on my mind.

This title of this post is the headline of a Fox News article today, and really this growing lobby is fine with me. Personally, I don't see why marijuna should not be legalized. Alcohol is arguably a much more dangerous substance than marijuna. Think of how many spousal abuse situations are the result of abusive, alcholic men. Now think about how many abusive situations are in some way resulatant from marijuna. The truth is, the effects of marijuna are much less dangerous then those of alchohol, and it goes much farther than abusive situations...drunk driving fatalities, cirrhosis of the liver, depression, etc. Abuse is merely an example which lies at the tip of the iceberg. It does not seem consistant that the government has legalized alcohol, but not marijuna. If alcohol were to be illegalized, then the government would be taking a consistent approach to these harmful substances. However, I contend that it would be ridiculous for the government to outlaw alcohol.

It is my belief that the government should not limit what individuals do in their own free time with their own bodies. If the actions are harmful to themselves, then they only have themselevs to blame. If someone wants to go smoke their brains out, why shouldn't they be able to? Alcoholics are allowed to habitually drown themselves in their brew.

My basic premise: I don't think indulgence in alcohol or marijuna is good or healthy; however, people should be allowed to do whatever they want to their bodies without government intervention.


sbs-304 said...

But do you really want to pay for the sorry, pitiful existance of hundreds of thousands more people who will abuse marijuana and be too stoned to work or develop lung cancer or emphazema? What about those who get bored and mix it with something else? Don't forget that this country is currently on track to totally outlaw cigarettes in the not too distant future.

Let us not even get into the huge transfer of wealth that would occur should marijuana become legal for medicinal purposes.

Cannibus will not be legalized in the States during our lifetimes. If it is legalized, we will have truly gone the way of the Romans.


Lawnmower said...

I have to disagree, Coley. If you are really saying marijuana should be legalized because alcohol is already legal and alcohol is just as bad if not worse, then maybe the issue that should be addressed is alcohol abuse and the problems it causes, rather than giving people another substance to abuse to the detriment of many (yes, that's right, substance abuse not only affects the person who abuses it, but also their family and friends, people they may harm while under the influence, and the government who will inevitably have to support them if they continue the abuse.) The End.