Thursday, February 03, 2005

Nancy Pelosi's Face and Other Random State of the Union Thoughts

These are some thoughts, comments, etc. that weren't exactly relevant to my last post, which was a more "academic" look at the President's speech. This is a collection of some of the odder things I noticed last night.

- First, Nancy Pelosi's face was remarkably static during her Democratic response. Every time she spoke, you could only see her mouth move. And how about her eyebrows...those things were going out of control.

- Did you see all the lawmakers with purple fingers, ties, and ladies suits last night. An interesting tribute to the success of the Iraqi election.

- As I mentioned below, last night was the first time I can remember members of the minority raising their voices in dissent of the president's policy. I can't decide if it was disrespectful, or to embrace it as our freedom of speech. Probably a little of both.

- To show how incredibly serious Bush is about his Social Security plan, he has embarked this morning on a 5 state, 3 day whirlwind tour, aimed at promoting his ideas for Social Security. This is something you would expect from a president who is running for reelection, not from one merely pushing his agenda.

- If the crowd hadn't interrupted the President more than 60 times with applause, I would have been able to watch a significantly larger amount of the Wake Forest - Duke game.